Benefits of Oranges - The Natural Fat Burner

Discover the incredible weight loss benefits of oranges, how to best prepare them and how much you should eat to get maximum benefit from oranges - one of nature’s amazing fat burning foods.

In fact, the orange and the tangerine are a kind of berry. Oranges grow on trees. They are sectioned fruits. The sections are called carpels. Each carpel contains pulp, juice and seeds. The peel has a leather-like feel and contains oil glands. The orange tree is an evergreen that sports fragrant white flowers and glossy oval leaves.

These days, oranges are the world’s largest citrus crop, and most of them come from Brazil. In the United States, the most oranges are produced in Florida and California. In fact, about twenty five billion pounds of these fruits come from these 2 states annually. Oranges are raised in Texas and Arizona, too.

Here are some of the varieties of oranges: Hamlin, Temple, Abersweet, Moro, Pineapple, Valencia, Red Navel, Navel. Navel oranges are eating oranges, and they are very popular. Valencia oranges are generally used to make orange juice.

Tangerines are quite small in comparison to oranges and the peel isn’t as firmly attached. In addition, they are distinguished by the nub on the bottom. Tangerines come in a trio of basic types: tangerine, tangelo and mandarin. Actually, the term tangerine is typically used to refer to a type of mandarin orange.

Fat Fighting Benefits of Oranges and Tangerines

These citrus fruits are considered natural super-foods. No fats, cholesterol or sodium and low calorie too, so why not indulge? In addition, they are high in fiber so you have a sense of satiation without eating to excess. They are tasty, good for you, easy to take along and a perfect anytime snack.

A broad variety of disease-fighting phytochemicals is found in the orange. Oranges are full of vitamin C. This vitamin assists with the healing of wounds, healthy blood circulation, and much more. If you eat an orange every day, you will get a hundred and thirty percent of the RDA of vitamin C. Your body needs vitamin C (ascorbic acid) to manufacture collagen. The protein called collagen is vital for the connection of tissues and bone. Ascorbic acid ingredients combat gum bleeding and other issues.

Oranges help you stay hydrated, provide potassium, and regulate blood pressure. Oranges contain pectin, which is a type of fiber soluble in water. In addition, pectin works to lower cholesterol in the blood.

Vital folate, a B vitamin, helps combat heart disease as well as birth defects. The antioxidants contained in oranges combat harmful free radicals. Free radicals are incredibly damaging to the human body. Oranges naturally circumvent this damage. At the same time, they help the body burn fat efficiently.

Preparing Tangerines and Oranges

It is great to just eat them raw and whole. This is an ideal choice for a snack whenever you like. Choose fruit with a firm, bright peel that feels hefty for the size. When choosing fruit, stay away from anything with bruises, spots, or a shriveled appearance.

You can keep oranges at room temperature or refrigerated for a couple of weeks. Don’t keep them in a plastic bag. It’s possible to freeze the juice of oranges, however don’t put the whole fruit in the freezer.

Oranges and tangerines offer real versatility since they can be used in many ways other than whole or juice form. Make a delicious fruit salad using tangerine or orange slices. Add tangerine or orange juice or zest (the oil from the peel) to rice dishes for a little tang. Use the juice of an orange on your salad instead of salad dressing! Make a delicious tuna salad with orange or tangerine wedges. This is a unique and different tasting treat you and your family will surely enjoy.

How Many Oranges or Tangerines Should I Eat?

These fruits are among the most nutritious foods in existence. Aim for a single serving of orange or tangerine daily. Naturally, another option is to extract juice from oranges for drinking.

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