The Madness Chronicles - Episode 16

The Insanity Chronicles - Episode 16

In this, our 16th episode of the Insanity Chronicles, we’ll take a look at the madness of just viewing today’s report. Bear in mind, madness is a state of being emotionally unwell, specifically severely, extremely absurd habits, and a state of frenzied or disorderly activity. Let’s have a look at information around America.

Out of Baltimore, the Mayor is frustrated with more gang shootings over the weekend break. The Independent Guard reports, “Mayor Asks Criminals to Quit Shooting, so they have Beds for Infection Patients.” It’s a brand-new Mayor, the previous one was simply sentenced to prison for corruption. The Mayor claims they require the beds for infection clients. Maryland has a grand total of 5 situations of coronavirus.

Up the road in Philly, we find out City Council decided a couple of distinct approaches to virus control in this heading out of the City of Brotherly Love. “Philly Will Not Arrest Burglars, Looters, Drug Dealers yet Attempt Consuming a Hamburger in a Restaurant.” It seems petty crooks will go totally free, but you can currently get apprehended for consuming in a restaurant. Isn’t that maddening?

Another hr north and we remain in Brooklyn, New York, where the Area Lawyer is making shoplifting as well as other criminal activities legal. He is declining to prosecute low-level criminal offenses in response to … you guessed it, the coronavirus. In a current Tweet, the ACLU is asking for detainees to be released from jails all over America. They say it will certainly help stop the spread of the infection. Remarkably, nobody to date behind bars has evaluated positive for the corona?

Following door in New York City, Mayor de Blasio cautioned New Yorkers he may provide an order to sanctuary in place. California Guv Newsome is making the exact same saber-rattling noise while revealing he is thinking about martial regulation. The announcement came after an overall of 13 deaths connected, yet not verified, to be from the infection. Of which over fifty percent were 70 years of age or older with various other contributing physical problems. Is it simply me, or exists some real, bonafide frenzied as well as chaotic activity going on?

One of the most effective ones I’ve checked out is that the FBI is cutting on-line inquiries into their system as a result of the corona madness. They want all such requests to be taken care of by mail for the duration of dilemma. A question enters your mind. The World Health and wellness Organization is strongly advising that we utilize bank card and debit cards because handling money passes COVID-19. Would not extra mail in the system be riskier than making use of on the internet services? In addition to that taking care of mail is extra labor-intensive than letting a computer system process queries.

There are whole lots we do not find out about the coronavirus. Is it dangerous? Clearly, to a section of the populace. Is it eliminating Americans? Since today, they’re reporting about 150. Are all 150 deaths from the coronavirus? You can not get a straight answer. Did all 150 of the people die entirely from the infection? The records we obtain recommends that over fifty percent of them passed away of complications from various other physical maladies they had before the ailment, and more than half are over the age of 70 with numerous in their 90’s.

Our existing charades advise me of years earlier in the jungles of Vietnam acting as a Marine. We were an infantry company, concerning 150 Marines, 10 or so miles from friendlies establishing our perimeter for the evening. It was in the badlands of the DMZ. Just before dark dropped our Captain called a huge meeting. He would certainly heard from G-2, the methods Intelligence Area, that we would certainly be attacked that evening by a force of 10,000 NVA. He got everyone to be on complete sharp all night. That suggested no sleep after humping the mountains all day.

We seemed like the majority of Americans feel today. Enough already. 10,000 of them, 150 people, that cares. We had 2 alternatives. Actually, think those hills around us in some way held a Division of bad guys, or we could roll the dice it was nonsense. Virtually each people simply went to sleep. That’s what most Americans are doing today. There is something amiss regarding our current situation.

Might we wake from this insanity before it’s far too late. I wish you health and up until following time … have fun, appreciate life, and also watch out for the chaos amongst us.

Ed Kugler is a retired Fortune 50 exec, a Marine Scout Sniper throughout the Vietnam War as well as the author of numerous publications. He is currently the President of Last Chance Patriots, a group of like-minded individuals striving to bring peace of mind to their state. Ed deals with his other half of 50 years on a relaxed mountain in Montana. and

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