The Madness Chronicles - Special Corona Episode

The Insanity Chronicles - Special Corona Episode

In this, our Special Corona Episode of the Madness Chronicles, we’ll take a look at the chaos and overreach of America’s response to the Coronavirus. Bear in mind, madness is a state of being mentally sick, specifically severely, incredibly crazy behavior, and a state of frenzied or disorderly task. Allow’s take a look currently.

Allow’s begin by saying we know the infection is an extreme threat to Americans, especially to our elderly. That stated, there are some insane goings-on out there. The federal government of Vermont simply revealed that being self-dependent in your own food production is a non-essential. Truly? Yeah! The Governor introduced he is prohibiting the sale of … prepare yourself, garden seeds. His chaos is criticized on the Coronavirus pandemic. At the same time in Tampa fl, Florida, a Federal Judge ruled that abortion facilities might continue to be open as killing babies is an important service. Pardon me, however that looks like a mental disease.

Meanwhile, today’s jobless claims can be found in at a whopping 6.6 million individuals resting at home. As well as it’s a self-inflicted injury to boot. That comes days after President Trump introduced the single most enormous bailout in American background. A massive 2.2 trillion bucks to ‘get us via’ the pandemic. Infuriating, to state the extremely the very least.

In Houston, America’s fourth-largest city, robberies are up 20% considering that the Mayor released a stay at house order. The Mayor recently came out and also asked crooks to stay put throughout the crisis. The ‘stay-put’ order comes after the increase in thefts and also after Baltimore’s Mayor gotten in touch with bad guys there to hold off during the situation. Every one of that appears like extremely absurd habits to me.

In New York City City, ground no for the virus in America, Common Council Audio Speaker, Corey Johnson, issued a declaration that he located the visibility of Samaritan’s Handbag in Central Park to be very troubling. You see, Samaritan’s Bag came in at no charge to the city and also established a 68-bed breathing health center to help the city throughout their situation. Yet being a religious organization, the Councilman takes exception.

New York City Mayor Expense DiBlasio revealed that if churches oppose his order not to meet, he may just shut them permanently. The New Jersey Guv has done likewise and also has checkpoints set up to see that is following his orders. In Kansas, they are keeping an eye on ‘conformity’ to their remain at home and also quarantine orders with cellular phone data. There is lots of frenzied and also disorderly task going on.

In Montana, where there are a lot more cattle than individuals, the Mayor of Billings revealed there might be apprehensions if people do not comply with social distancing criteria. In even more interested news under the Big Sky, Guv Bullock activated the National Guard and released them to the state’s flight terminals as well as train terminals. The assignment? Check all incoming travelers and also educate them they are quarantined for fourteen days. All I can believe is evidently, any person entering upon the freeway or using bus is immune from the infection? Go number.

Governors in Nevada and Michigan decided they can determine what prescriptions Doctors might write. Michigan Governor, Gretchen Whitmer proclaimed she would certainly withdraw the license of any kind of doctor who suggested the malaria drug Hydroxychloroquine to deal with the Coronavirus. Certainly, the drug is being used all over the world to effectively deal with the virus as well as save clients. 2 weeks after issuing the order, Guv Whitmer is demanding President Trump send out the medication to Michigan. You can not make this things up.

If all that isn’t enough, we have government leaders from shore to coast calling for the release of detainees in response to the virus. That a person wonders. You have a population that has no respect for the legislation, or they would certainly be where they are, who are totally quarantined. All you need to do is control who goes in with them and also you eliminate the threat. Yet no, let’s release them since we make certain they’ll ‘self quarantine.’ Insanity, I inform you madness.

Might we wake from this madness before it’s far too late. I wish you good health and also until next time … have fun, appreciate life, and watch out for the chaos amongst us.

Ed Kugler is a retired Lot of money 50 executive, a Marine Scout Sniper during the Vietnam Battle and the writer of a number of publications. He is presently the President of Last Opportunity Patriots, a team of like-minded individuals making every effort to bring sanity to their state. Ed deals with his partner of half a century on a relaxed hill in Montana. as well as

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