Is Covid-19 A Retribution From On High?

Is Covid-19 A Retaliation From On High?

For followers in a ‘Higher Power’ of whatever color, there need to be times when one wonders if that celestial body ever before sheds perseverance with what takes place below. Simply picture that claimed entity, after developing a magical gift like the world Earth, balking at the mere view of the caused damage developed by the modern human rulers. So photo if you will, the Planet developed to be the embodiment of perfection, with deep blue oceans, loaded with cleaning aquatic life, corals reefs as well as animals. The lush green fields as well as woodlands, a genuine playground for animals of every kind to romp and multiply in. And also a skies, adoringly painted in an unlimited pastel of blue. The Sun, positioned to cascade the globe with daytime light. Its health giving rays a resource of power, vitamins as well as radiation to promotion the important growth to Earths plant life. After that to offer a spin of merriment, brightly coloured birds added to skyrocket complimentary upon the thermals singing and tweeting their own pleasant track. Bugs of all shapes and sizes, likewise taking their satisfaction by cleansing and also preening the land, whilst employed by ‘Nature’ as her little mail carriers of pollen to feed the eagerly waiting for blossoms. Finally, to the world came man and woman in human kind. By purpose they were first made modest, presented as just one more types on this large orb of heaven. But human’s had actually not been developed as amounts to, far from it. They were improved in their powers, by featuring extremely dexterous hands as well as a powerful brain, efficient in ever before bigger thought as well as advancement. The human, by design, was predestined to develop, bloom, and also eventually achieve mastery over the planet. Certainly blossom they corrected plenty of centuries. Through experimentation and with using resourcefulness, human’s conquered the arts of farming, husbandry and proliferation. This established them besides various other types, currently they might not just create food, yet store it for when needed. Hence human beings might focus their powerful minds on an ever before wider range. Yet in time the human thrust for world renovation started to shed its method. Progression became turned right into the quest of incorrect gods called money as well as power. The simple essentials of life as at first created for beauty, necessity or energy, were becoming over used in the pursuit of earnings. Real objective of advancement coming to be corrupted by neglect, or as mere civilian casualties of males temporary purposes. So by now, the followers in the ‘Celestial body’, should not be criticized for questioning if some of the globes calamities of nature, weren’t in some form a very early warning of displeasure as cast down from above? Words: “Don’t push your good luck as well much humans!” Entering your mind. But such activities in the past were mostly a local concern, whereas currently the harmful air pollution and also abuse prevents the globe. Those initial blue seas are now awash with detritus. The lush eco-friendly pastures and forests, plundered for minerals, or removed bare to return ever before greater profits for ‘The Guy’. Originally human leaders were men of vision who nurtured the land whilst thanking it for its true blessings. Such males of wisdom have actually currently sadly gone, as well as in their place sit closed-minded guys of cash, parched for power as well as addicted to wealth. Some significantly useless caretakers, through absence of intelligence, or simply without rate of interest, really lay sermons to the appeal of power and also wide range. With heads held high and blown out breasts, they embrace exactly how the best worth of the globe is determined in the financial representation of a lengthy line of absolutely no’s on a computer system display. So with all points taken into consideration, who would criticize the ‘Greater Power’ turning nose up at such worthless views to take some action? Exactly how can such guys of power, deaf, foolish as well as blind to reason, be made to see that they are dragging the globe down the incorrect course? Subtle warnings of the past have come and gone without impact, Mother Nature has presented her power in lots of forms of current years, but no modification of direction appears forthcoming. Has the time ultimately come when a ‘Ultimatum’ from over is due? I for one can nearly hear words from the paradises … “ Send in the Covid-19!”

Hobson Tarrant, Fiction, Non-fiction and Short article author. Designer of the brand-new collection of mini-books ‘Cent Snippets’( commenced March 2020) as a contemporary version of the street corner analysis of the Victorian masses, with titles such as Cent Dreadfuls and also Dime Awfuls. []

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