The Madness Chronicles - Episode 35

The Chaos Chronicles - Episode 35

In our 35th episode of the Chaos Chronicles, we’ll look at the madness of Congress making the abundant richer. Remember, chaos is a state of being mentally sick, drastically, exceptionally silly habits, and a form of crazy or chaotic activity. Allow’s have a look at the madness of Congress looking after their own.

In the substantial HEROES Act giving alleviation throughout the COVID-19 crisis, our remarkable Congress saw to it the money went where it was most needed. For example, Atherton, The golden state, residence to one Nancy Pelosi, has a typical individual earnings of $525,324 a year. The least expensive residence listed in Atherton on Zillow is $2.5 million. Atherton is residence to a few folk like Google’s Eric Schmidt, Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg, as well as Microsoft’s late co-founder Paul Allen. His previous house there was recently sold for more than $35 million. Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry got an Atherton estate last year for $31 million. The residence community of Nancy as well as her abundant pals obtained $3.7 million in Coranabalogna relief funds. Isn’t that unique?

Moving eastern to the residence of Legislator Richard Blumenthal, the phony Vietnam Vet, we see something comparable. In Old Greenwich, Connecticut, where the typical annual revenue is a simple $321,377, the city obtained a whopping $5.9 million in COVID relief. There are numerous old historical structures there to preserve so they can sip their cappucinos in style. Palm Beach, Florida, is residence to most of our abundant as well as popular. Hand Coastline has an ordinary yearly revenue of $314,090. Those bad individuals obtained an allowance of $4.4 million in COVID alleviation funds. Pity for the Palm Beachers.

In the old money community of Scarsdale, NY, the ordinary revenue is $452,041 bailout. The median house list prices in Scarsdale is $1.2 million. Among others, Scarsdale is residence to Beyonce and also Jay-Z. Scarsdale received $8.8 million in corona relief funds to maintain those charming stores and also top schools running. Isn’t Congress phenomenal?

Back west to Hillsborough, The golden state, with an ordinary income of $430,681. Hillsborough has a median house rate of $5.4 million. It is home to Bing Crosby, Elon Musk, Jenny Craig, Jimmy Kimmel, as well as Salote Mafile’o Pilolevu Tuita, a Tongan princess. Congress awarded those bad people obtained $5.7 million in COVID relief funds.

To the Rocky Mountains and Cherry Hills Village, Colorado. Cherry Hills has an average annual income of $406,314. Crucial people living there are John Elway as well as Peyton Manning. The private schools of Cherry Hills include Madeline Albright and also Condoleezza Rice as their grads. The average residence rate is $2 million. However Cherry Hillside obtained a tiny bailout of $3.3 million.

In LaLa land, Los Altos Hills, The Golden State, they have an average revenue of $405,073. Los Altos has a mean home rate of $3 million and also counts Google founder Sergey Brin as well as Israeli-Russian billionaire and also technology capitalist Yuri Milner, who paid $100 million for his home. Yet, the city required a COVID bailout of $4.2 million.

The Lone Celebrity State made the list. In Highland Park, Texas, a Dallas residential area, the typical yearly income is $365,025. It is the wealthiest community in Texas, the typical home cost is $1.5 million as well as residence to the proprietor of the Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones, and also the previous guv of Texas, Bill Clements. These bad people accepted a COVID bailout of $4.5 million.

We might take place, yet the bottom line is that Congressmen take care of their own at our expenditure. The Top 50 zip codes in America for individual revenue, consisting of those above, got $350 million in stimulation bucks that could have mosted likely to individuals who actually needed it. Unfortunate.

Might we wake from this chaos before it’s far too late. I want you health, as well as till following time, enjoy, delight in life, and look out for the insanity amongst us. It’s 2020, as well as it’s getting out of hand.

Ed Kugler is a retired Ton of money 50 exec, a Marine Precursor Sniper during the Vietnam War, and also the author of a number of publications. including Dead Facility - A Marine Sniper’s 2 Year Odyssey in the Vietnam Battle, Obamunism, Firefights of the Mind, as well as Via the Darkness Comes the Light. He is currently the President of Last Possibility Patriots, a team of similar people making every effort to bring peace of mind to their state. Ed copes with his spouse of 50 years on a peaceful mountain in Montana. and

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