History of Yogmaya Temple

History of Yogmaya Temple

The holy place of Delhi’s most well-known as well as holy Yogaya Devi is an older temple. Yogmaya Devi is the Siren who developed impressions. Yogmaya holy place is also called Jogmaya. This temple is dedicated to Goddess Yogya. Goddess Yogmaya is the sibling of Lord Krishna.

It has been said in history that Pandavas did the construction of this holy place during Mahabharata. For the first time, this Mughal was developed during the reign of Mughal Emperor Akbar 2 (1806-1837) to restore this holy place. At the request of Emperor Akbar 2, Lala Sethmal started the building of this temple.

It is additionally stated that Ghajnavi’s King Ghajini had actually destroyed this temple as well as had actually completely ravaged it. However the restoration of this temple was done by Rajput King Hemu. The temple which is presently found in Delhi was created in the 19th century.

About 200 people are functioning to take care of this holy place and also they all function according to finish commitment and also self-will. It is additionally said about this temple years ago, the forefathers of centuries back utilized to care for this holy place, on a daily basis they utilized to praise the Goddess, Prasad used to maintain the temple always clean and also two times in a day Utilized to do the job of making the goddess.

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According to legend, it is said that when Abhimanyu was killed by Jaideath, Lord Krishna and Arjuna had actually pertained to see the Goddess in this temple after his fatality. Arjuna had pledged in this holy place that by the evening of the 2nd day, he would eliminate Jayradrath. Lord Krishna and also Arjun pertained to this holy place just to take blessings of Siren. As a result of the miraculous power of the Goddess, the solar eclipse that happened in the battlefield was a solar eclipse as well as due to this solar eclipse, Arjuna was aided to eliminate Jaideath.

Events celebrated at Yogmaya temple Flower designer walk

It is understood just by the name of this event that this celebration is a celebration of flowers. This festival is commemorated in the premises of the Qutub Sahib Dargah and also Yogmaya Temple in Mehrauli. Throughout this event kites are lit, battling is played, kavali is sung.

Throughout this festival, cultural programs like Kathak, Kawali are also done.

Mahashivaratri in Yogmaya Holy Place This event of Mahashivaratri is celebrated with terrific interest in the month of February or March. People of all Hindu religious beliefs celebrate the event of Mahashivaratri with great pleasure. On this holy mountain of Mahashivaratri, everyone maintains not eating for Lord Shiva on the day of Mahashivaratri and also chanting his name throughout the day duplicating the hymns and chants of Lord. On the event of this holy event, all the people embellish the temple of Lord Shiva and also shout the name of God throughout the day and in the morning as well as nights, God’s Aarti is likewise done.

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