The Greenfields Of Yesteryear

The Greenfields Of Days gone by

Once there were green fields where rivers utilized to run. Now with man’s indifference anywhere the earth is being sweltered by an overbearing sun. It is as though we are like termites ruining the only home we have. Scientific research and also technology developed has afforded humanity the abilities of easing the terrible effects of what male is still letting loose to our setting and planet. And also, yet there continues to be no authentic forward momentum to instill a feeling of seriousness and responsibility to fix the discrepancies in our setting and also culture.

The tight grip on power and also control adjusted by so few has just established themselves in sequestering the public. This sequestering of the general public via the media, education and learning, plan instructions, mandates and regulations have actually created a wall surface of indifference, apathy, and also ignorance to what is really happening to our world.

When there are so few that have the ability to see above that wall surface our world will just continue to endure incurable injury. The discrepancies to our atmosphere and also society will just worsen. The future of humankind will certainly stay in wonderful risk, and our planet will certainly soon end up being unwelcoming.

There are some who believe all hope is not shed. Yet, versus nearly difficult odds they realize we remain in a race versus time. Time humanity truly doesn’t have, for if we wait too long there will certainly be no future for far way too many.

The Georgia Overview Stones have actually forecasted the destiny for humankind. Do we attempt remain to ignore the warning signs that are around us and maintain ourselves behind that wall of indifference, apathy and also ignorance? Or do we increase above and recognize the future actually remains in our hands. But, we need to act in total accord and in unity to tear down that wall and start the path towards a more well balanced world. A globe that agrees with nature, the setting and also the human race.

Today, when the globe is still in the throws of a Pandemic much of the focus is concentrated far from the impending disasters that are collecting in size as well as frequency all across the globe. Too many federal governments are only one dimensional in their reasoning as well as plan directives. For if the human race is to free ourselves of the yolk of fascism from governmental interference and also procrastination in reducing the several situation that are tormenting cultures today we need to increase over that wall surface of indifference. We need to understand that just a multi side policy regulation focusing on a clear-cut strategy of direction will succeed. A plan of direction that includes the services essential. This entails national economic reform’s technological as well as scientific program that will bring the equilibrium to our environment as well as our culture.

Aura Lane

Aura Lane

Aura's love for journaling and blogging has been years in the works. Once she moved to NYC it really took off. She loves to travel, eat vegan food, and drink coffee.