Top 5 Snacks for Skiing

Top 5 Snacks for Skiing

Winter sports is well considered one of the most challenging and demanding sporting activities around. Testing endurance and also a person’s capacity to withstand differing body temperature levels, it is very vital to take into consideration which treats to take with you on the slopes. While the majority of inclines have coffee shops at which to get food heading, packing a couple of power boosting treats to sustain you throughout the session will maintain morale high to make sure that you as well as your family can carry on carving.

Here are a few examples of high power foods suitable for both you and also the children during your time in the snow.


While bananas are regarded as the great turn-to, high energy fruit, they tend to obtain harmed en route. To stay clear of offering the children a wrecked snack that leaves a great deal to be preferred, choose a yummy apple instead. They hold a high fiber as well as nutrient web content and you can even slice them for simplicity of consuming when on the slopes. The browning that might occur won’t do you any type of damage, however if the children are specific about their fruit, you can try saturating them in lemon juice to quit this from taking place.

Granola Bars

While there is not a great deal of moisture in granola bars, they give a terrific power hit as well as are prominent with every ages. Nature Valley produce a good range of flavours so everybody can have their favorite flavour as a helpful treat when out as well as about. The primary plus factor of granola bars is that they are small, so simple to cram in a day bag for snowboarding and also to eat on the move. If your children aren’t a huge fan, you can go with flapjacks rather, which additionally have a wonderful fiber content.

Delicious chocolate

Not the healthiest of snacks but, thinking about the quantity of calories that are burnt when snowboarding (around 400 per hr), chocolate is the delicious, energy-replenishing snack that is prominent with almost every person. Dark delicious chocolate includes much more anti-oxidants for the more health conscious among you, and also its sugar web content, whilst not around for long, can offer a fast pick-me-up on a lengthy day.


Nuts are packed with power, making them a great choice whilst on the inclines. With the numerous selections to select from there is bound to be a preferred for each and every family member. Though they can be hard to consume whilst on the move, maintaining them in a little container or bag can make them the ideal snacking food.

Dried Fruit

The sugar web content in dried fruit makes them a fantastic selection for an included increase of power and also their carbohydrate web content makes them specifically great for snowboarding. Dried fruit is also little as well as light to carry, so you can load plenty for everybody.

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