Send Me Pic an Image Sharing App Is Now Available on the Apple App Store and the Android Market

Available on all the online platforms, the Send Me Pic app facilitates the quick and easy sharing of live photos of locations that are shared by the users. The app is one of a kind and the first ever empowered with high-quality images and photos embedded with enticing features and unique benefits. A perfect app designed for travelers, bikers, tourists, and peripatetics. Some of the app features include:

Quick, easy, and flexible setup. Register your profile in minutes. Seamless functionality enriched with an appealing and exclusive user interface with clickable options. Share a live photo of locations with your friends in second and bring fun to the community. Efficient tracking systems are designed to save the time of the users instead of searching locations without images. Hide locations to secure and protect private information with simple and resilient security features. A separate photo gallery available to store images in the app for future use. Easy tracking of locations for hospitals, health centers, and clinics via live photos. Now, the users can attend their parties, wedding ceremonies, community meetings, and much more on time. Great safety and security to the users’ data. The app takes care of all the aspects related to protecting the privacy of the users. Giving access to six members, the app is so appropriate for marketers, event managers, and salesforce staff.

Designed for social networking purposes, the app is carefully and diligently developed by Mr. Amr Goal - a proficient expert in creating versatile and dynamic apps for iOS users. For the app launch, he says, “I went on to design Send Me Pic app when I found out how difficult it was for users to search the locations without images. This app will help the users to see the live images of the locations shared by their community. Altogether, it will make lives easier and simpler in terms of finding places.” Send Me Pic, an image-sharing app, is now available free for online users on iOS and Android platforms on the Google Play Store and Apple Store. The app can be accessed worldwide by numerous users and is available in several languages. It’s the perfect timing for the app in today’s era when people lack enough time to track locations with just maps.  Google Play Store Link: Apple Store Link: Please visit our official website for more information about Send Me Pic- an image-sharing app, including videos and photos of the app and its features, stated elaborately. Send Me Pic app is developed by Mr. Amr Goal - a proficient app developer with 10+ years of expertise in the app development industry. For further information on Send Me Pic, or in case if you like to schedule an interview, please contact us. Source: SendMePic

Aura Lane

Aura Lane

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