Silpukhuri Navagraha Temple Guwahati

Silpukhuri Navagraha Temple Guwahati

Silpukhuri Navagraha Temple Guwahati:.

History, Timings, Rituals, Festivals, Address, How to Reach, Online Reservation.

History:. Silpukhuri Navagraha Holy place developed by King Rajesvar Singh in 1752 AD. The holy place lived on Citracala Hill which is towards the southern component of Guwahati. The temple is dedicated to the 9 worlds which are really the forms of Lord Shiva Lingams. These 9 Lingams Surya (Sunlight), Chandra (Moon), Mangala (Mars), Buddha (Mercury), Brihaspati (Jupiter), Shukra (Venus), Shani (Saturn), Rahu and also Ketu. All the 9 Lingams are been wrapped in different coloured garments individually.

ThisTemple is Popular for Graha Dosha Nivarana.

Description of the 9 Planets/ Grahas:. Graha/ Earth Colour of Towel Wrapped in Look. Sunlight Halo Light Seated on Chariot Pulled by 7 Steeds.

Chandra White Coloured Furnished in Different Garlands.

Manhala Fire Red Like Seated on Simhasana; Having 3 Arms holding Gada, Sula, Shakthi Weapons. Also shows up in Abhaya Posture. Buda Yellow Possess 3 Arms holding Gada, Khadga & Khetaka. Also appears in Abhaya Pose. Brihaspati Yellow Possess 3 Arms normally holding Kamandalu, Aksamala & Danda. Likewise shows up in Abhaya Posture. Some Times Appear with 2 Arms holding Pustaka & Aksamala. Shukra White Possess 4 Arms; Weapons like Brihaspati. Occasionally 2 Arms holding Nidhi & Pustaka. Shani Black Shows up in Little stature with a one leg lamed.

2 Arms holding Danda, Aksamala. Likewise shows up in Abhaya Pose. Rahu Silver Chariot Possess 4 arms holding Khadga, Khetaka, Sula. Often 2 arms Carrying Books. Ketu Dark Colour Possess 2 arms holding gadha. Occasionally on a chariot attracted by 10 horses.

Navagraha Temple Guwahati Timings:. 4.00 am to 9.00 pm.

Navagraha Holy Place Guwahati Address:. Navagraha Holy place,. Navagraha Road, Silpukhuri,. Navagraha Hills, Guwahati,. Assam 781003.

Rituals at Temple Guwahati Assam:. Archana. Abhishekam. Aarti. Daily Rituals are executed.

Events at Temple:.

Shiva Chaturdasi. Maha Shivratri.

Just How to Reach Navagraha Temple Guwahati? By Airport terminal:. Guwahati International Airport Terminal is the Closest Airport which is 24.4 kilometres away from the temple.

By Railway Terminal:. Guwahati Railway Station is the Nearest Railway Station which is 3.1 km away from the Holy place.

By Roadway:. Guwahati is well connected with various other significant cities.

Silpukhuri navagraha Holy place, temple history, Description of the 9 planets, Timings.

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