Ownerly Unveils the 2022 America s Best Cities for Remote Workers Great Outdoors Edition

Ownerly, a leading home valuation company and consumer resource whose mission is to put professional home value data and insight in users’ hands, has released its 2022 America’s Best Cities for Remote Workers: Great Outdoors. The third installment of the Zoom Towns USA series includes new city rankings focused on factors like outdoor recreation, park access, city- and state-level fitness levels and gym options. In addition, metrics related to the overall well-being and lifestyle of a remote worker — home values, rental costs, web connectivity, safety, availability of coworking spaces, affordability of goods and services and availability of childcare services and restaurants — were factored into the rankings. Top 10 cities for remote workers: great outdoors

   Rank   City, State Score

1 Santa Cruz, California 72.92

2 Auburn, Washington 69.14

3 Beaverton, Oregon 68.90

4 Bellingham, Washington 68.25

5 Portland, Maine 68.19

6 Napa, California 67.22

7 Fort Collins, Colorado 66.97

8 Hillsboro, Oregon 66.72

9 Lancaster, Pennsylvania 66.24

10 Thornton, Colorado 66.10

“Americans continue to feel the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, whether it’s remote work, travel restrictions or an overwhelming need for fresh air,” said Julianne Ohlander, a data analyst at Ownerly. “As many consider relocating to potentially ‘greener’ pastures, our analysis found that smaller cities and those in the West and Northeast may be best for remote workers with an active lifestyle.” Oregon is the top state overall, with four cities represented in the top 25. See the full list of top 25 cities for remote workers with active lifestyles here. Regional Winners: Northeast

 Rank  City

1 Portland, Maine

2 Lancaster, Pennsylvania

3 Kingston, New York

4 Quincy, Massachusetts

5 Pawtucket, Rhode Island


Rank City

1 Livonia, Michigan

2 Ann Arbor, Michigan

3 Madison, Wisconsin

4 Iowa City, Iowa

5 Ankeny, Iowa


   Rank      City

1 Alpharetta, Georgia

2 Charlottesville, Virginia

3 Greensboro, North Carolina

4 Alexandria, Virginia

5 Washington, District of Columbia


  Rank  City

1 Santa Cruz, California

2 Auburn, Washington

3 Beaverton, Oregon

4 Bellingham, Washington

5 Napa, California

Key takeaways:

The West and Northeast hold the most potential for remote workers who love the outdoors. Cities in Western states took eight of the top 10 spots. In the top 25 list, 11 cities were in the West and eight were in the Northeast. Three cities were from the Midwest and three were from the South.

Oregon is the top state for remote workers who seek an active lifestyle. Four cities in Oregon made our top 25 ranking while Massachusetts cities took three spots. California, Colorado and Washington ranked high as well, each appearing twice in the top 10 list. 

The West Coast makes a strong comeback from the results in Zoom Towns USA: America’s Best Cities for Remote Workers. High cost of living locked many West Coast cities out of the top 25 contention for Best Zoom Towns overall. But because this ranking prioritizes factors for a healthy outdoors lifestyle, the West Coast was able to bounce back and dominate the top 25.

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