Verijet Receives Agents for Change Green Travel Award at Sustainable Development Goals Gala for United Nations Assembly Week

U.N. ambassadors, heads of delegations, diplomats, fashion and entertainment VIPs, and prominent climate change activists from around the world gathered on September 19 to support U.N. Sustainable Development Goals and Fashion 4 Development (F4D) efforts to promote positive strategies for sustainable economic growth. They recognized environmentally conscious organizations currently making a difference in different sectors. They heralded them as agents for change with awards for taking actions that lead towards a healthier planet, preserving culture, and empowering women and children. Verijet was recognized as an agent of change for taking action to lead toward a healthier planet. Verijet was presented with the Green Travel Award. Richard Kane, Verijet’s Founder, Chairman, and CEO, was on hand to accept the award and made the following comments:

“I am deeply honored to receive this award on behalf of Verijet and our team. Some of the first environmentalists were aviators. As aviators, we see and monitor positive and negative environmental change, driving recognition and focus where it is most needed.  If we are to preserve and extend the freedoms of flight, we must decarbonize, democratize, and participate in making the planet healthier, safer, and more equitable for present and future generations. I founded Verijet on these principles.  When you see the planet from space or your village from the air, you understand humanity’s impact on the earth – it changes your awareness. Eighty percent of us have never been above ground level, and we now can sustainably expand our horizons.

About Verijet Verijet is a revolutionary private aviation company. All Verijet flights are 100% carbon neutral. This is our reality today, not a pledge in the future. Travelers can fly confidently, knowing that their flight has zero carbon impact. Verijet currently offers services in the Northeast, the Southeast, and the Western U.S. Verijet is committed to supplying sustainable aviation solutions that protect the environment and make the planet healthier for present and future generations. Verijet uses A.I. and large-scale computing in conjunction with the safest, most fuel-efficient, least polluting, smoothest flying, and most advanced small jet aircraft in the air today. Verijet invites you to experience the next generation of safe, fast, direct, convenient, eco-friendly private air travel. To learn more, please go to or call us at 833-VERIJET. Source: Verijet, Inc.

Aura Lane

Aura Lane

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