Weather Route s Highway Weather App Launches Route Sharing to Help Drivers Stay Safe and Keep Family Informed During Bad Weather

Weather Route, Inc.’s app, Highway Weather, has just launched a new feature called Route Sharing. The feature allows drivers to share the details of any weather-related obstacles they will encounter on their drive with friends and family. Drivers using the Highway Weather app can simply share their route from the app to generate a link. Anyone with the link can see the forecasted drive on the app website and see any potential severe weather. Families can use this information to plan winter travel together, even remotely. Being privacy-conscious, no personal location information is shared; web visitors simply see the route and related weather information as if they were starting the drive themselves. “With winter weather season upon us, we wanted to give our users a way to easily communicate potential road hazards with loved ones,” said Weather Route CTO, Devan Stormont. “We hope this will help people feel more connected and safe while traveling.” “Trip details, such as rest stops and possible weather-related hangups, often need to be communicated to friends and family beyond a vehicle’s four doors,” Weather Route’s CXO, Alex Kizis, said. “Our aim is to make this communication process more seamless, thus allowing travelers to safely focus on the task at hand - driving.” According to data published by the U.S. Department of Transportation:

22% of all driving accidents are related to weather 76% of weather-related fatalities involve wet pavement

Weather Route, Inc. and the Highway Weather team aims to help reduce these statistics and help keep people safe. To learn more, visit or contact [email protected]. About Highway Weather Highway Weather is a premier travel weather planning app available on Android and iOS. Since launching in 2012, Highway Weather has helped guide hundreds of thousands of travelers to arrive safely to their destinations. About Weather Route Weather Route, Inc. is the startup behind the Highway Weather app and a leading digital platform for navigating weather hazards. Their aim is to help travelers arrive safely by providing actionable information to help people stay safe. Source: Weather Route, Inc.

Aura Lane

Aura Lane

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