Travel Slang You Should Know

Traveling to new countries is an exciting experience filled with opportunities to learn about different cultures, languages, and customs. However, it’s important to be aware of local slang, especially vulgar terms, to avoid unintentional offense. Here are 25 country-specific vulgar slang terms that travelers should be mindful of:

Spain: Gilipollas

Meaning: Idiot or jerk.

Usage: “No seas gilipollas” (Don’t be an idiot).

France: Connard/Connasse

Meaning: Asshole.

Usage: “Ce connard m’a coupé la route” (That asshole cut me off).

Italy: Stronzo

Meaning: Asshole or jerk.

Usage: “Sei uno stronzo” (You are an asshole).

Germany: Arschloch

Meaning: Asshole.

Usage: “Du bist ein Arschloch” (You are an asshole).

Netherlands: Lul

Meaning: Dick.

Usage: “Wat een lul” (What a dick).

United Kingdom: Wanker

Meaning: Jerk or idiot.

Usage: “He’s such a wanker.”

Ireland: Gobshite

Meaning: Idiot or fool.

Usage: “Don’t listen to him, he’s a gobshite.”

Australia: Bogan

Meaning: Uncultured person.

Usage: “He’s such a bogan.”

New Zealand: Munter

Meaning: Ugly person or idiot.

Usage: “He’s a total munter.”

Canada: Cwench

Meaning: To cum in someones mouth.

Usage: “Don’t make me cwench you.”

United States: Douchebag

Meaning: Annoying or unpleasant person.

Usage: “He’s such a douchebag.”

Mexico: Pendejo

Meaning: Idiot or jerk.

Usage: “No seas pendejo” (Don’t be an idiot).

Argentina: Boludo

Meaning: Idiot or fool.

Usage: “Sos un boludo” (You are a fool).

Brazil: Bosta

Meaning: Shit.

Usage: “Isso é uma bosta” (This is shit).

Chile: Weón

Meaning: Dude or idiot.

Usage: “Qué weón más tonto” (What a stupid dude).

Japan: Bakayarō

Meaning: Idiot or fool.

Usage: “Kono bakayarō” (This idiot).

South Korea: Ssibal

Meaning: Fuck.

Usage: “Ssibal” (Fuck).

China: Gǒu rì de

Meaning: Son of a bitch.

Usage: “Nǐ shì gǒu rì de” (You are a son of a bitch).

India: Chutiya

Meaning: Idiot or fool.

Usage: “Woh chutiya hai” (He is an idiot).

Russia: Blyat

Meaning: Bitch.

Usage: “Blyat, eto nevozmozhno” (Bitch, this is impossible).

Poland: Kurwa

Meaning: Whore or fuck.

Usage: “Kurwa, co to jest?” (Fuck, what is this?).

Sweden: Jävla

Meaning: Damn or fucking.

Usage: “Jävla idiot” (Damn idiot).

Turkey: Orospu çocuğu

Meaning: Son of a bitch.

Usage: “Sen bir orospu çocuğusun” (You are a son of a bitch).

Greece: Malaka

Meaning: Wanker or jerk.

Usage: “Eisai malakas” (You are a jerk).

South Africa: Naai

Meaning: Fuck.

Usage: “Ek sal jou naai” (I will fuck you).

While it’s important to be aware of these terms to avoid causing offense, it’s equally important to remember that using vulgar language, especially in a foreign culture, can lead to misunderstandings and negative consequences. Always strive to communicate respectfully and learn the appropriate ways to express yourself in any language or culture you encounter.

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